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This website is designed to be a resource for those interested in:

Wheat Field



  • that understands the difference between cognitive and emotional functioning

  • that can produce lasting, cultural change

  • that focuses on personal resilience not talent, techniques or programs

  • that fosters imagination and adventure

  • that isn't sabotaged by the emotional system

  • that balances confidence, courage and connectedness.

Bowl of Berries



  • that maintain a high level of imaginative problem solving

  • that exhibit a low level of reactivity and panic

  • that strive for unity not unanimity and sectarianism

  • that promote difference within the bounds of core values and beliefs

  • that can self regulate their conduct.

Thinking Man on Couch



  • that promotes the legitimate role of faith in diagnosis and recovery rather than a part of psychosis

  • that can decode distorted and delusional language

  • that addresses the deep spiritual needs of the sufferer 

  • that makes a positive contribution to holistic treatment.

Apart from providing resources I conduct workshops, coaching clinics and a mentoring program for fledgling leaders. Contact me on the contact page.

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